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“The band sound like a Pirate obsessed, horror-loving concoction of NOFX, Misfits and the Dead Kennedy’s if they had formed some sort of super group that to an extent at least, ended up a warped Ska-Punk project that also had a penchant for Jazz.”

Matthew Spear / Musically Fresh


BOSSMAGS ‘Curio Punk’
Alternative / Punk
Warrington / North West / UK
FFO: Mr. Bungle / Dead Kennedy’s / King Prawn / The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Bobby Stickah / Lead vocals / Keys (He/Him)
Fetza Veress / Drums (He/Him)
Kier Bache / Guitar (He/Him)
Tim Griffiths / Bass (He/Him)
Marcus Bishop / Brass (They/Them)

Original oddball purveyors of CURIO PUNK. A madcap, high octane, boundless entanglement of dramatic and phantasmagorical punk rock, ska, metal, 20’s swing, dub, driving dance music and spacey occult rock with brass, synths, props and storytelling. Sure, you’ve seen these genres together before, but there’s no band like BOSSMAGS. Their own genre ‘curio punk’ is derived from their experimentations with genres and themes to create what is effectively a curio cabinet of a repertoire, and the band is very much punk rock in roots, attitude, energy and ethos.

Based in the NW, with their first live performance in 2016, they have steered their theatrical, swashbuckling show to a variety of different stages all over the UK and Europe. Transdimensional reptilian shapeshifters, cult-worshipping machines, meddlesome crows and spectral pirate soul snatchers are but a few of the cautionary tales ranging from the witchy to the downright politically disdainful you’ll be ensnared by, with plenty of costume changes to go along with it. See something fun and different and have some fun and be different while you do it. Expect the unexpected. You may laugh, you may cry, you may need an exorcism, but you’ll probably have a good time.


“It’s spectacular, the creativity, the artistry and the musical originality that this band exudes. The sound is very high vibrational, up tempo, dance making and super feel good. The combination of jazz, mixed with the ska pace and the wildness of the punk with all the added unbridled energy has just blown this set so far out of the water. It’s been wild, it’s been anarchic (although completely controlled) and really something extra [special] to have witnessed.”

Janet Harding, New Sound Generation Jul 7, 2022

“Bossmags are no strangers to these pages. Their larger than life musical escapades (known as gigs to the rest of the musical world) have featured here more than once. Their piratical flavoured visual and ska meets punk meets techno meets prog entire, festival in a band sound, is transfixing to hear and breathtaking to watch. There’s ne’er a dull moment as vocalist Bobby careens around the stage in a variety of masks and costumes. He’s ably supported by ace musicianship that shows flair and creativity and a singular devotion to producing danceable sounds.”

Richie Yates, The Last Stop Sounds Mar 6, 2022


To celebrate the five year anniversary of Curio Cabinet and to bring it up to date with the bands line up BOSSMAGS have recorded a full live session of the album at All Silk Recording Studio. Here’s a work in progress preview of what’s to come.


In a staggering turn of events in what is sure to shock the world over, transdimensional reptilian overlords have been proven to be allegedly REAL, thanks to UK-based alternative punkers BOSSMAGS, and in the process, putting an end to the mystery of why we are seemingly beset by ceaseless horror. The cover was blown off the nefarious milleniaspanning, world dominating operation when members of the band were astonished to discover one of the creatures skulking behind the bins of the local Wetherspoons, struggling with what appeared to be a malfunctioning human suit. Miraculously, aided by the element of surprise, the band successfully grappled the lizard being into submission. Fiction writer David Icke was reached for comment on the discovery: “Oh sh*t, they’re actually real?”

The track bounces in on a crashing drum roll and nails its flag to the mast. This is an electro ska rhythm fest with more than just a hint of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band about it. Singer Bobby growls his way (pirate style) through the dense electronics and sharp ska sounds with snakey guitars and roaring blasts of horns paving the way.

The Last Stop Sounds

Fang Foam

Built by guitarist Kier the BOSSMAGS have release their first signature pedal; The Fang Foam mini distortion. Based off of a CRANKED Marshall Plexi but trained to be more savage and LOUD! Just how we, and a number of satisfied world wide customers, want it. You can find it, and more, at


Curio Cabinet is easily one of the most unique records I’ve ever heard. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. This is why I really enjoyed it. Honestly I had no idea what was happening half of the time but I think that’s part of the fun of the album. It takes you out of your comfort zone and has you smiling the whole way through.

colins punk rock world


Experimental Swing Pirate Jazz-core

Dying Scene


“In my ‘Top Ten Bands To See MPF 2019’ post I talked about Warrington’s Bossmags as being a unique and somewhat peculiar sort of ska band. I went to see their set at Zombie Shack and those words before just don’t do them justice. Let’s just say Bossmags are quite possibly the most bizarre live act I’ve ever seen. I don’t really know how to put it into words but I do know it was a lot of fun, even if I didn’t have a clue what was happening most of the time.”

Emma Prew / Colin’s Punk Rock World

WIP demo’s

BOSSMAGS are currently writing and demoing a new album. Here is work in progress demo’s of what’s to come.

Digital Carousel
The Machine



“These guys are weird as fuck”

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