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“The band sound like a Pirate obsessed, horror-loving concoction of NOFX, Misfits and the Dead Kennedy’s if they had formed some sort of super group that to an extent at least, ended up a warped Ska-Punk project that also had a penchant for Jazz.”

Matthew Spear / Musically Fresh


BOSSMAGS ‘Curio Punk’
Alternative / Punk
Warrington / North West / UK
FFO: Mr. Bungle / Dead Kennedy’s / King Prawn / The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Bobby Stickah / Lead vocals / Keys (He/Him)
Fetza Veress / Drums (He/Him)
Kier Bache / Guitar (He/Him)
Tim Griffiths / Bass (He/Him)
Marcus Bishop / Brass (They/Them)

After many close calls BOSSMAGS started when Stickah & Fetza finally met in the Summer of 2015. Stickah was drafted in to play with Fetza’s band as a stand in for the first ever Lesz Feszt, a Hungarian festival in Fetza’s hometown of Kisvárda. On returning back to the UK, the two decided they wanted to continue working with each other, and they certainly wanted to play Lesz Feszt together again. They jammed out a rough demo and put it up on Soundcloud under the name ‘The Mighty Bossmags’

It wasn’t long before the dark signs aligned with Stickah’s permanent return to Warrington where they recruited some local talent they knew from the scene in the form of Kier Bache and Tim Griffiths and secured a booking for the nascent band to return to where it all started, the second ever Lesz Feszt. There was just one problem, they had to be ready for this international open air festival in mere months.

Pulling together an hour long set, a DIY EP, and a gig in a beer garden BOSSMAGS flew out to play their second gig at a commercial open air festival. Fetza and Stickah had made it back to where it all started and it even went better than it probably should have. BOSSMAGS would return to Lesz Feszt a number of times over the years as the festival grew to include established UK bands like Skindred and Toy Dolls.

Back home BOSSMAGS made their name in the DIY punk scene on the back of their madcap music and theatrical performances that would include guest instrumentalists and performers bringing something spontaneous and different to each show. The band has been a popular attraction at stalwart shows in the UK underground punk scene including Swinefest, Dead Good Gathering, Evil Hoof Picnic, Pie Race, F*k Reddin and festivals like Manchester Punk Festival, Equinox and Strummercamp. The band even hosted their own 3 day weekend festival in 2018 in Warrington called the Eastervaganza with a prize-winning easter egg hunt and hosting a stacked lineup with Popes of Chillitown, Pizzatramp and In Evil Hour to name a few. They released their first album Curio Cabinet October 31st 2017 at one of their regularly organised Halloween shows.

In September, 2019, BOSSMAGS brought Marcus Bishop fully into the fold debuting the current core incarnation of the band at Equinox Festival. 2020 looked bright as the band planned for their last pre-Brexit tour of Europe and cemented their largest number of festival bookings to date… instead the band spent the year to take a breather, write, and record, the first fruits of which comes in in the form of the single Shapeshifters releasing March 2021.


Punk / Circus / Techno / Space Rock
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In a staggering turn of events in what is sure to shock the world over, transdimensional reptilian overlords have been proven to be allegedly REAL, thanks to UK-based alternative punkers BOSSMAGS, and in the process, putting an end to the mystery of why we are seemingly beset by ceaseless horror. The cover was blown off the nefarious milleniaspanning, world dominating operation when members of the band were astonished to discover one of the creatures skulking behind the bins of the local Wetherspoons, struggling with what appeared to be a malfunctioning human suit. Miraculously, aided by the element of surprise, the band successfully grappled the lizard being into submission. Fiction writer David Icke was reached for comment on the discovery: “Oh sh*t, they’re actually real?”

The conversation between the sinister saurian and the band while being held captive in (frontman) Stickah’s basement, has been recorded for the world to hear in the brand new single Shapeshifters out March 31st on all digital platforms. The return of BOSSMAGS will be the only living proof of the existence of lizard people and their motives once the world at large forgets about this and moves on as if nothing happened. Honestly.

The track bounces in on a crashing drum roll and nails its flag to the mast. This is an electro ska rhythm fest with more than just a hint of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band about it. Singer Bobby growls his way (pirate style) through the dense electronics and sharp ska sounds with snakey guitars and roaring blasts of horns paving the way.

The Last Stop Sounds

“I’m very proud to say we really managed to catch our live lightning in a bottle with this track” Stickah says “It perfectly encapsulates the wild, carnivalesque energy of our madcap show and marks the first release with our core trumpet player Marcus Bishop to boot, who joined the band in September of 2019, but because of Covid we haven’t really been able to show off as much we’d have liked. It’s also great to have good friends of the band Professor Probert, himself a frequent live guest, from Liverpool’s balistic bonkers act Unstoppable Sweeties Show on glockenspiel and Bristol synth-punks Martyrial’s Hex Diesis on jaw harp featuring on the single. It’s a special release and we’ve got more where this came from, so buckle up. Pandemic or no, the BOSSMAGS machine is switching into first gear. We may not gig for a while, but you’re getting new, quality music this year.”

The band gave away three prototypes guitar pedal, including a one of a kind alternative design, as part of a Spotify Pre-save draw for the singles release. Built by guitarist Kier the pedal, FANG FOAM, will soon be going on sale as the first a planned series of BOSSMAGS effect pedals.


Curio Cabinet is easily one of the most unique records I’ve ever heard. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. This is why I really enjoyed it. Honestly I had no idea what was happening half of the time but I think that’s part of the fun of the album. It takes you out of your comfort zone and has you smiling the whole way through.

colins punk rock world


Experimental Swing Pirate Jazz-core

Dying Scene


“In my ‘Top Ten Bands To See MPF 2019’ post I talked about Warrington’s Bossmags as being a unique and somewhat peculiar sort of ska band. I went to see their set at Zombie Shack and those words before just don’t do them justice. Let’s just say Bossmags are quite possibly the most bizarre live act I’ve ever seen. I don’t really know how to put it into words but I do know it was a lot of fun, even if I didn’t have a clue what was happening most of the time.”

Emma Prew / Colin’s Punk Rock World


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“These guys are weird as fuck”

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