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We have unleashed something ferocious into this WAR! This will prove a must have for one-on-one encounters with the Lizards. The first in our series of BOSSMAGS GUITAR PEDALS is a mini pedal that packs a punch. FANG FOAM is modelled on a cranked Marshall plexi. A frothing, bloodthirsty, bone crunching distortion.

There is a trim pot inside to adjust the tone and tame any high frequencies. The one knob on the front is volume. True bypass switching with polarity protection diode in place. Runs off 9v DC power. No battery capability because it’s a dead format and bad for the environment.




Prepare to immerse yourself in the phantasmagorical, cheap punk fairground ride of BOSSMAGS. Oddball purveyors of wildly high-energy, carnivalesque, theatrical, comedic and heavily themed madcap punk rock experimentations from Warrington in the UK.

You’re guaranteed to be kept guessing what’s coming next and you may just groove your hips, lift your knees & flail your neck around like you need an exorcism, which you may in fact actually need. With a repertoire consisting of the supernatural, surreal, sinful & politically disdainful, BOSSMAGS have driven their curious live show up and down, here and there across several countries, and will most likely be there in your trousers before you can say Johnny the Claw.

A madcap, high octane, boundless entanglement of dramatic and phantasmagorical punk rock, ska, metal, swing, dub, dance music and spacey occult rock. Sure, you’ve seen these genres together before, but there’s no band like BOSSMAGS. Based in the NW, with their first live performance in 2016, they have steered their eclectic swashbuckling show to a variety of different stages all over the UK and Europe. Transdimensional reptilian shapeshifters, cult-worshipping machines, meddlesome crows and spectral pirate soul snatchers are but a few of the cautionary tales ranging from the witchy to the downright politically disdainful you’ll be ensnared by, with plenty of costume changes to go along with it. See something fun and different and have some fun and be different while you do it. Expect the unexpected.

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