BOSSMAGS are currently locked in a swashbuckling war with the cyber shapeshifters and need your help in storming the CYBER CITADEL. Find out how to help in the war effort by signing up to the newsletter below!
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COMING SOON… We are unleashing something ferocious into this WAR! This will prove a must have for one-on-one encounters with the Lizards. The first in our series of BOSSMAGS GUITAR PEDALS is a mini pedal that packs a punch. FANG FOAM is modelled on a cranked Marshall plexi. A frothing, bloodthirsty, bone crunching distortion.

There is a trim pot inside to adjust the tone and tame any high frequencies. The one knob on the front is volume. True bypass switching with polarity protection diode in place. Runs off 9v DC power. No battery capability because it’s a dead format and bad for the environment.

Spotify Pre-Save DRAW IS OVER!

By presaving the track and following BOSSMAGS you all helped pierced a hole in the sinister virtual tinfoil! The foil had been rolled out by the Cyber Shapeshifters for one purpose and one purpose only, to thwart BOSSMAGS in reaching a wider audience through the platform.

As a thanks, one of you won a special PRIZE. The FIRST BOSSMAGS GUITAR PEDAL. The pedal you’ve won is a one-of-a-kind variation from the others as it is the earliest design prototype. One particular feature that never made the final cut is the ‘Bloodlust’ level. In a fine turn of events we ended up giving away 2 other early versions of the pedal and a tote back to some lucky runners up!

New Single

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New Music Video Coming Soon!

The official music video for Shapeshifters will be out in around a month.

The project has been filmed to tape with analogue visuals. Created in collaboration with Occlumus and Sammy Martyr.




Prepare to immerse yourself in the phantasmagorical, cheap punk fairground ride of (The Mighty) Bossmags. Oddball purveyors of wildly high-energy, carnivalesque, theatrical, comedic and heavily themed madcap punk rock experimentations from Warrington in the UK.

You’re guaranteed to be kept guessing what’s coming next and you may just groove your hips, lift your knees & flail your neck around like you need an exorcism, which you may in fact actually need. With a repertoire consisting of the supernatural, surreal, sinful & politically disdainful, Bossmags have driven their curious live show up and down, here and there across several countries, and will most likely be there in your trousers before you can say Johnny the Claw.

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